We believe in doing business with integrity and a tough work ethic.  We know that establishing trust is important for our customers. You can count on us to work hard to produce the results you want, help protect your real estate investments and provide assistance in planning future projects.


Our team offers competitive bidding - within 45 minutes we can create a solid bid proposal for you. In the state of Texas, bidding is still the old-fashioned principle that stands strong and keeps contractors honest about their knowledge and experience of the trades.


A warranty is often a neglected aspect when choosing the proper contractor. Many construction companies are strong at proposing estimates and installing the work scope but if there is an error that must be corrected afterwards will they come back to fix it? Rest assured that we will be there at your request. Component Roofing & Construction takes pride in honoring our warranties to insure we are your long-term choice for life.

Repairs & Maintenance

Regular repairs and maintenance help prolong the life of your roof. Fixing a small leak or minor roof damage will save you money now and help prevent bigger damage later.  Component Roofing & Construction provides small and large roof repairs, ongoing maintenance, inspections, and emergency services for your residential or commercial roof. We also provide a variety of general construction services.

No-contact Digital Agreements

In our experience, some property owners prefer no personal contact for many reasons - they are busy or work-from-home, etc. We respect your privacy and can conduct business with you digitally.
- Appointments set by via phone call or video chat features
- No-contact inspections
- Referrals available
- Estimate sent through email to property owner
- Digitally signed contract through digital service
- Process payment online
- A detailed invoice of completion signed and sent by email

Free estimates
11 years experience
Pre-install inspections
Year-round installations
In-home presentation
Quality production and materials



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