General Construction

We offer skilled residential and commercial general construction, patio and deck construction, windows, sky lights and much more.  No matter the size or budget of our clients, we take pride in our work and dedicate ourselves fully to each and every project entrusted to us.

Dry Wall Install & Repair

Our drywall installs are symmetrical and flush with plenty of screw fasteners drilled into them to give each panel more ability to withstand impact that can result in holes. We will deliver you quality results. You want professionals that are well skilled at job prepping in order to avoid damage done to other property outside of the work scope contracted. Each sheetrock repair finish will blend in perfectly with the rest of its surroundings as if no hole was ever there.

Often cracks appear on the ceilings and walls, caused by the frame of the property shifting over time. Water penetration into your roof is also a common issue. It reaches inside to the sheet rock to rot and then fungus begins to spread. Insure your safety with Component Roofing & Construction. We are interior experts and look forward to making your home and commercial property whole again.


Enhance the look of your real estate with vibrant rich paint and precision application. We excel in exterior/interior design themes and have the creativity and ability to deliver the look you want. Whatever your style: colonial, southern comfort, modern metro, wilderness, woodsman den, Spanish villa, medieval chambers, antique country, hunters cabin, elk lodge, cozy leather Texas, plush velvet and more – we can help make it a reality.


It’s satisfying to know your living/work space is air-tight insulated to regulate temperature and energy efficiency. We use fiber glass, open cell and closed cell foam insulation, spray-applied into your attic, basement, or other areas of your choice.

Open cell has more sensitive heat transfer because it is thinner in density but has less R- value. Closed cell has less heat transfer considering it is more dense than open cell foam but more R-value. Foam spray is the most popular product today for its convenient ability to adhere and perform so well.

Picket Fences

Your fence is the guardian of your fortress. Secure your livelihood with our fence systems. We set them with a solid concrete foundation also leaving them well presentable. Fences come in many forms of structure that we excel in. We emphasize performance. In order for your fence to hold strong over the course of time, using more than standard beams is something to consider. Standard stock treated pickets do not allow saturation into the core of each picket. A thick stain coat of your color choice will complete the fence’s value.

Siding & Masonry

In addition to making your house look great, siding has a vital job to perform — protecting your home from the elements. We offer awesome custom siding solutions that we can install with BRICK or any materials of your choice, utilizing durable material.

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